Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Steamworks--Part Two

Chicago--January, 2012

More at Steamworks. Immediately after…

David and I are back in my room and lying on the black sheeted bed. Everywhere I look, I can see our reflections. I can lick his ear and see three reflections of my tongue teasing his lobe, as mirror image reflects mirror image. We’ve left the door open, as I’ve promised my readers here and on BBRT. David wiggles out from under me, gets on top and pins my arms above my head.

“You know what I’m going to do you?”

I grunt a no.

“Sit on your face.”

And he lowers, his hairy, cum moist ass onto my mouth. My cock, which had softened a little, is instantly hard. I stroke and I work my tongue into his abused hole. He is squirming and moaning. I can hear guys in the corridor, but none are brave enough to join us.

Until I feel a strange mouth on my cock. The angle is bad as he leans over the bed to get to me. David soon dismounts and I can see the cocksucker. He’s Mexican, late 30’s, with the kind of pock marked skin that can be kind of sexy.

He looks at me. “Fuck me.”

I look at David. Not even a moment of hesitation. “Do it,” he says. I’ve never seen it go into anyone else.”
I get up; the Mexican bends over. David swings around so his cock can easily go in the Mexican’s mouth. My cock is still wet with his spit. I just enter him. No rimming. He’s more than ready. He grunts and starts fucking back on me. David slaps his cock across his face. The man takes the hint and, coming out of his reverie, starts slurping noisily. I fuck, finding that I’m mindlessly in rhythm with the music blasting from the corridor. His bucking back has slowed, with his needing to concentrate on the cock in his mouth. Suddenly he stands up, pulling me out of his ass. He murmurs a thanks and takes off. I look at David, enquiringly. He shrugs. Then I see the floor. He’s dumped a nice load--one he gave no clue to shooting.

The corridor is now packed.

Two particularly hot guys are lounging against the wall. One is direct from the Steamworks’ gym. His regulation cock is sticking out of the bottom of his gym shorts. His muscled chest glistens. He keeps adjusting the sweat band on his right hand, if it isn’t groping his crotch. A lithe, hairy man is standing next to him. His towel covers his loins, but you can see his cock pushing it out. He has tennis shoes on, one foot on the floor, the other on the wall where he leans. David ventures out and uncovers the gym rat, going down on him at once. I let the lithe guy play with my dick, and I knead his bulge. Soon my other hand squirms between him and the wall. My middle finger finds his hole. It opens easily and envelops most of my finger. He makes no protest.

Without warning the gym rat leaves. Lithe guy follows David and I into the room. I reach for the lube to get ready to really open the lithe guy up--but he‘s already got his cock into David‘s ass. David stands, bent in two over the mattress and the lithe guy is ramming him hard. I kneel and lick the top’s hole on the back stroke. The lithe guy pushes him forward. David crawls up onto the mattress--his top follows, never disconnecting. It’s my turn to sit and watch.

The top groans. David eggs him on. “Shoot in me. Load me again.”

So that’s where the mysterious load had come from….

I wait. I watch the lithe guy shudder, pause and slowly withdraw. I’m all over his cock. He gasps all over again--then pushes me into David’s hole. It’s creamy--not shot very deep. I lick, and rim, swallowing every drop. He’s out the door, grabbing for his towel.

David gets up. “Damn, his cock was hitting my bladder. I have to piss.”

I kneel. Fuck, I’ve been hydrating, but have nowhere near enough to piss--and here he is giving me a second load of piss. I take his cock inside my mouth. No sucking, it just rests on my tongue. And he pisses. Sweet. Hot. Huge load.

As he finishes, hot younger man, with dark blond hair walks in. David reaches under his towel for his cock. He is conditioned, not muscular. Quite short. He reaches up to kiss me as David sucks his cock. Shit, I just drank piss--but I kiss him, and he either likes it or has no idea what he’s tasting.

“Do you want to fuck him?” I ask.

“No,” he sighs, “I want to get fucked.” My hand flits over his ass, finding his hole. “I just prefer condoms.” My Magnums are lying right there. “But you guys don’t use them, do you?”

“No,” David says, before I can get out my answer about it being his choice.

“Well, you guys are so hot, I can be convinced.” I rub his hole. “Yeah, fuck me.”

I eat his hole as he sucks David. Soon, I’m up him--but very, very slowly. He’s taking it well. He’s stopped sucking and is telling me to fuck him hard. I do. The sound of my hips slapping against his ass echoes through the room. A short man, with a big cock appears at the door. He won’t come in, he just strokes.

“Let me sit on it.”

I lie down, my legs still on the floor, my crotch right at the edge of the bed. The young man sinks onto my cock.

“Fuck you feel good.” He’s bouncing hard on me. David puts a hand on his back and pushes him over. Jesus. He’s going to stick his cock in with mine. He does. We are in classic double penetration position. David slides in. I stay in place. And it feels good--where it so often doesn’t. I let David take control. He fucks in. The undersides of our cocks rub against each other inside his hole. It’s incredible. The boy is in heaven.

“Two raw cocks--fuck, you guys.” I think he might shoot--but he holds off. Just as suddenly, my cock flops out and the moment is over. We all stand up.

“I gotta cum.” The young man is close and stroking.

“Do you want to fuck David? Give it to him?”


“Then shoot on my cock as I fuck him.”

“You mean…?”

“Yeah.” David has gotten on all fours by the edge of the bed. I enter him, pulling all but out of his hole on each stroke. “Shoot on my dick and I’ll fuck it into him.”

“Oh, yeah.” He get around to the side and in no time is covering my cock with a thick, gooey load. I fuck it into David. I watch it disappear--then look at the young man. He’s panting, eyes wide. I fuck a few more strokes and pull out. David swings around and cleans my cock. I pull him back around to eat his hole.

“Oh, man. Eat my cum out of him.”

And I do. Thick and salty…
More to come
We fuck separately--and I finally need to piss…


  1. I'm glad you had a DP that really felt good. I like the idea of DPing, but honestly the reality is usually that I end up not moving, or having to do all the moving, and I've never had the position well so that it could last. I still think you and I should try it some time. Imagine the lucky bottom to take us both. I'm actually laughing out loud at the thought.


    1. I agree that DP can often not be much fun. But when it works it is great. I played with a fellow top with a hooked cock, bent down. He was the perfect "anchor" for doubles. It latched in place and I could just fuck away....h'mmm I should write him up when I run out of the current stories...

    2. Please do. I'd be interested in exactly -how- hook-like his cock was. Mine bends down, but that guy's sounds very interesting.


    3. It's on my short list now, after Steamworks is done...

  2. Volunteers to be the lucky bottom for FP & Ace to DP!

    David sounds like a fun guy. I am glad that he spoke up and said no to the condoms!

    1. I don't think you'd get any argument from Ace and I...

  3. I've never been a DP for the sensations it produces, as a top. The bottoms who are into it, though, are REALLY INTO IT. And I get a kick out of their enjoyment. I'm glad you actually had a good time with it.

    1. It is so much more of a mind fuck for the bottom. When it's working, I do love the two undersides of the top's cocks rubbing together. Certainly the best I've done is with the guy mentioned in the comment above. The one with Jayson Park was ALL about what it looked like--not what it felt like. And Jayson--your hole is spectacular--but as I remember that moment--we were all thinking about logistics, not pleasure. Repeatedly. As we shot it, and re-shot it, then re-shot the re-shot...