Monday, January 2, 2012

Experienced Hole

My Playroom--December, 2011

Kurt and I have played for maybe two years. I took him from someone who was intrigued by piss play into an out and out piss pig. He also loves sizeable things up his hole. While I helped out with feeding that fetish, he did a huge amount of hole training all on his own. Kurt is close to being as tall as I am, mid 40’s, dark and hairy, big cock, with a truly elastic hole. We have always met in my waterproofed playroom. (Though once when he was passing through town and I couldn‘t play, he took a big liter bottle full of my piss home to play with later.) Today we had to work fast to get him home before his boyfriend got there. He was stripped and kneeling in front of the sling in no time…

My hand pushes his eager mouth away from my cock. It’s only half hard. I’m naked but for boots and jock. I keep my left hand on his forehead, keeping him maybe a foot away from the head of my dick.


He opens his mouth. My piss makes a perfect arc. I’ve prepped so it’s fairly clear. Not that he would care anymore. He gasps and swallows. I stop the flow, and let him breathe. I start up again. Stop. Start. Stop--this time shoving my cock in his mouth. He deep throats me to hardness. I pull out, his spittle glinting in the early afternoon sun. He dives for my balls, as I stroke it to the final degree of full stiffness.

He’s in the sling now. He needs no help into the stirrups. He’s been there enough so he knows exactly how to slip into them himself. I dip to taste his hole, but I know he’s pressed for time. I lube myself quickly and slide in. He’s tight. I see his dildo on the bed (which is bigger around than my bicep) and wonder at his control. I am all but pulling all the way out and driving in. Then I do a slight bend at the knee, so my cock is driving upward. His cock drools as I pound on his prostate.

I have set his box of steel ball bearings in front of the portable heater. They’ve been in a cold car. He has four, all two inches in diameter, beautifully smooth and shiny spheres. I slip both hands into black latex gloves. Kurt visits enough that he has his own tub of Crisco labeled in my refrigerator. Two fingers of my left hand scoop some out. I coat both hands. I pick up a ball bearing. The weight of them is always heavier than I expect. I smear Crisco over it. I place it at his pucker and push. It slides in easily, with only the briefest moment of resistance.

“You Fucker.” The ball has not warmed much at all. Then he sighs at it settles into his gut. I stand up and slide my cock in after it. The cold of the ball is under my cock. It’s amazing to feel something so cold in this super hot hole. I pull out and grease up the second one. It slides in. So does my cock. Then the third. I fuck over the three balls. His hole is tightening down now. I grease number four. I can actually hear the clink as it hit’s the others inside of him in as in some sort of perverted game of marbles. My cock goes in. He feels so full. It’s like fucking a different guy.

I eventually stop. Two fingers of my right hand pull the first two balls out easily. I fish a little more to find ball three--but Kurt can contract his muscles and raise it up to my waiting three fingers. I scoop it out. I grease up again. Both hands. My right hand goes in easily. I grasp the ball and bring it up and out. Kurt sighs.

“Use that dildo of yours.”

I reach behind me for the black dildo that has a large egg shaped head and a much thinner ribbed column. I grease. It slides in like a breadstick after the balls. I push the base of the dildo down. My cock lines up above the dildo. I fuck into him. It glides right along the dildo, my head hitting the base of the oval. It makes his hole feel different yet again. Tight and eager. I fuck. And fuck.

Mindful of the time, I pull out and work the dildo out as well. I re-grease. Two fingers right hand. Two fingers left. Three. Three. Four go in and rotate. Repeat with the left. I do a lateral stretch with three fingers from both hands. Now my complete right hand disappears--fingers making a cone. Then repeat with my slightly smaller left hand. His hole pops closed each time on my wrist after the heel of my hand disappears. I stand up and get my right hand into him again. My cock is still hard. It slides along my wrist and then my palm. I close my fingers around my intruding cock. I’m now masturbating in his hole. Kurt’s eyes are locked on the mirror above him showing it all. I slowly fuck into my hand in his ass. It feels great--but it’s even more of a mind fuck. For both of us. Kurt’s eyes roll up into his head. He’s lost in his own sea of sensation.

I eventually stop. I pull out my cock and my hand. I get the monster off the bed. I can’t get my long fingers around the circumference of it. I grease. Then grease it again. I place it at his abuse hole. I keep steady pressure behind it while it just sits there. Then a slight twist and it starts up him with no trouble. It’s at least twelve inches long. It keeps going and going.

It hits home. He has it to the ball sac base. And it makes Kurt cover himself with piss. I work it back and forth for a moment. Then remove. Re-grease. Renter.

We pause to catch our breaths.

“I want to try it.”

“Ok--I’ve never done it.” But I know what he wants.

I re-grease my hands. My left slips in. I add my fingers on the right into him to do the lateral stretch, using the left wrist already in him. I work more of my right into him. It’s tight. But suddenly I’m home. I have two fists in him. I clench my hands into fists--first one then the other. Relax. Then I intertwine my fingers together--holding on to myself in there.

“Let’s try it on the bed,” he says. “I think it’ll work easier on all fours.”

I exit carefully. Get him up and over.

He’s right. My left slips up him now so easily I barely notice. The right is worked in. As the second wrist pops it’s a great feeling. Another shard of virginity gone. He’s never managed it before either. I open and close both hands extremely slowly. And pull out.

“Put your left in again.” I do. “Open your palm.” I do. “Now go in”

I work minutely forward. I have never done much depth with anyone. One drugged up bottom took me to mid forearm. I look down. I’m already past that. I am applying next to no pressure. I’m being pulled into his ass. We are two inches from my elbow. One inch. A half. We’re there. I stop. I rotate ever so slightly. He groans. In a good way. I do it again. Then start inching out. After long, long minutes I’m free and Kurt collapses on the bed. He rolls over and gets up. He kneels, right where he started the session. Stroking furiously. I piss on his hardening cock. He shoots six feet. Truly the length of the entire sling stand.

Once he‘s caught his breath he grabs a towel and says “I can take you up to your bicep next time.”

“Why have we never done this? I mumble.

“You never asked.”

Ten minutes later he’s gone and I’m gathering the towels for the washer when I get a text.

I squint at it: “Ultimate high! Could easily cum w/o touching self! Thanks!”


  1. Anon--It was his ass that was amazing that afternoon. Who'd have thought I'd do two things in one session that I'd never done before?

  2. Got a full hard on reading what you did to him. Exciting and Amazing!

  3. VRPBottom--It was not a long session but we sure made the most of it.....two mind still reels...